60’s Custom Red Fox Fur Coat & Hat

Barbra Streisand wore this stunning custom fox fur coat on many occasions from the mid to late 1960’s. We first see this coat appear around Jan 1966. Barbra can be seen with it thrown over her while taking a break in the recording studio for “Je m’appelle Barbra”.

She also wore the coat during her 1966 trip to Rome. 

Photos by Bill Eppridge, from his book “Becoming Barbra”

In NYC in 1969 Barbra rocks the coat again while posing for a photo shoot at her apt at The Ardsley,. This shoot was to mark her win in the imaginative category of the International best dressed list. 

She was also photographed in the coat upon her arrival to London Heathrow Airport to film “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” on March 28th, 1969.

She can be seen on set of “On A Clear Day” wearing the coat between takes to keep warm.

Barbra also wore the coat on another occasion in 1968 when at the airport with her then husband Elliot Gould.

It appeared to be one of her favorite items to wear during this decade. Fox fur is the most iconic fur type seen in vintage furs. It is the second most solid fur, only after mink. In terms of warmth, it is the warmest fur around. Designers loved to work with it due to its extravagance, versatility and silky texture. 

Barbra’s jacket and hat were made from red fox fur. The thigh-length coat features a dramatic nine inch shawl collar, vertical fox pelts and long sleeves. There are two hidden side slit pockets and a satin lining. One pocket features custom embroidery reading “Barbra.” This jacket and hat sold at auction in 2004 for $2,150.00