Barbra and Frederick

Hairstylist Frederick Glaser (1929-2010) met Barbra Streisand at the beginning of her career and created many of her memorable hairstyles. This look was among the standouts from the film “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever” (1970).

This intricate sculpted updo was created with a hand tied human hair wig pieces. For these type of large updos, a wire mesh form is created and covered with a wig cap. The form is attached to the base hair and rest is sculpted & styled until the form is fully covered. The ringlets and braids in this style are separate pieces, essentially built upon the base. Frederick was also a sculptor, which comes through in this beautiful sculpted look. Frederick said “There is an incredible feeling of elation and strength when you construct an idea in your mind and then make your body and hands obey”.