Streisand And Azeeza’s Continuing Fashion Collaborations

Happy to share some exciting new info regarding Barbra’s Azeeza continuing collaboration. Chicago based Azeeza Kahn recently spoke to press regarding Barbra’s Hyde Park concert dress. Kahn confirmed that Barbra’s silk, ruffled high-low dress will be for sale in her latest collection. “The dress is a piece from my resort 2020 collection that I took to her even before releasing it to my retail partners/buyers,” Khan said. “As of today, she is the only one who has that piece. The dress is going to be called the Barbra, and it was such an honor to receive her blessing to give the gown her name. We’ve taken my core designs and added capes and elements that she’s requested,” says Khan. “We’ve also referenced her beautiful jewelry and designed some dresses around specific pieces such as chokers. I have also created matching chokers for every look – even if it’s just made out of fabric.” The Barbra will retail for $2,995. 

Azeeza has been working with Barbra since May and has created over twenty five looks for her, so we are likely to see some of them at her upcoming concerts on August 3 in NYC and August 6th in Chicago.  Looking at her current and past collections it’s easy to see how their two styles meld so well together. Azeeza’s designs naturally contain many of Barbra’s favorite style elements.

Regarding their meeting, Kahn said “She was shopping my pieces at Barneys in Beverly Hills and one of the managers there decided to make an introduction. She showed a special interest in my designs and story and before I knew it, I was in her Malibu home for design development and fittings. I have always loved her – she’s an icon and is one of the few remaining old-school Hollywood generation. Her style has inspired countless of designers and she is on every mood board, including mine. During that first house visit I brought 30 or 40 garments, which were a mix of my favorites and what I thought she would like. What was clear was that she has a vision and knows what works for her. I got a personal tour of her home and I realized we share the same obsession with color,” Khan recalls. She also brought out pieces she loved and explained why she loved them. I almost died when she took out the peacock iridescent kaftan from Funny Girl. To see these iconic pieces in person, to touch and feel them and be able to reference them during our design sessions, and then for her to share the stories on how she came to wear that piece — or the special details on why she chose a specific color or fabric for it, was when it really dawned on me how magical it was to design for one of America’s greatest fashion icons of all time.” 

Kahn won’t find out until last minute which of her looks Barbra will wear onstage, but she says “This has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I don’t know if it can be topped. It was so serendipitous and unfolded in a beautiful way. To think I played a small part in (Barbra’s) creative process makes it so meaningful.” 

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