Barbra’s custom name bracelets from The Callaway Collection

Barbra Streisand showed off her fun custom name bracelets in an Instagram post on May 13th, 2021 captioning the photo “Matching bracelets…across generations!” Barbra’s black and gold bracelets were gifted to her by her daughter-in-law Kathryn Boyd Brolin, and feature the name of her granddaughters Chapel and Westlyn. A third bracelet has a single B for Barbra. 

Shop her style and get your handmade bracelet from The Callaway Collection who dubs these “Customizable wrist reminders.” Barbra’s bracelets were made with black and white letter beads and gold fill beads. Find them here. When you sign up for the VIP list, you’ll receive a 30% discount on your order plus free shipping.

The Callaway Collection is based in Atlanta, Georgia and was created by Mary Hollis Callaway Langel. Each of her pieces has the unique touch of a little dove which her website explains is “A reminder for you to “spread dove love”. Meaning to take a deep breath, spread your wings and push yourself to heights you’ve never thought possible. It’s a little reminder to take that crazy chance and a big reminder to just be yourself.” There are so many beautiful pieces in this shop that you are bound to find something you love!