Barbra’s Fish Tank

Barbra Streisand let fans get a glimpse of her aquarium in a June 27th, 2019 Instagram story in which she stated “Appreciating my fish-we call her Plaidy!” 

Plaidy is indeed a very fashionable plaid fish. She is a member of the exotic fish family called a Longnose Hawkfish. (Oxycirrhites typus). These fish can be found on tropical reefs in the Indian and Pacific Ocean from 33 to 328 feet. They love to lay in corals and sea fans. For a home aquarium a tank of at least 60 gallons is recommended to house them.  They are known for their distinct red and white stripes and are semi-aggressive, eating a diet of marine meats, shrimp and small fish. In Barbra’s photo Plaidy is hanging out with a wrasse fish and a black and white “Convict Tang” (aka Convict Surgeonfish). They are surrounded by several kinds of coral including a pink toadstool leather coral, branching coral and zoanthid coral.  In true Barbra fashion all of these compliment each other in color quite well.