Barbra’s Gucci Jackie Bag

Barbra Streisand arrived in London on March 28th, 1969 with her Gucci Jackie bag, and could be seen with it on several occasions thereafter. 

This purse was originally designed in 1955 as a unisex model and named “Fifties Constance”, but quickly became a popular women’s bag. It’s said that Jackie loved this bag style so much that she bought six of them while shopping at Gucci. When she was spotted out with the bag, using it to shield herself from paparazzi, it became so in demand that Gucci renamed it “The Jackie.”

This was the first hobo bag, and inspired many other designer to create similar bags. The hobo bag style was inspired by the handkerchiefs on sticks carried by wandering homeless people in the early 18th century.

The Great Depression of 1929 to 1939 created a vast new crowd of hobos, many of whom were men from other parts of the country, desperately seeking work in California. Here, a hobo carries a bindle stick, which would contain his belongings.

This bag is instantly recognizable for its rounded edges, distinct push lock closure and double G logo. 

In 1999 this bag was relaunched under Tom Ford  and named “The Bouvier” which was Jackie Kennedy’s maiden name, but when Allessandro Michele took over at Gucci in 2009 the bag’s original title was reinstated as “the New Jackie”. Barbra’s black bag featured Bordeaux leather, hand painted edges, palladium-toned hardware, piston strap closure, and a single handle with a 9.4” drop. Today you can buy this style in a wide variety of colors and prints.