Barbra’s White Hat Attack NY Bucket Hat

Floppy bucket hats in both black and white are a huge staple in Barbra Streisand’s wardrobe. She has worn them publicly for decades for both public appearances, while directing and as casual wear. This white cotton bucket hat from her collection, is made by “Hat Attack New York”.  Typically Barbra wears these with the front brim flipped up. 

The bucket hat, also often called a fishing hat was introduced around 1900. These were originally worn for function rather than fashion and made from wool felt or tweed and worn as protection from the rain. The unwashed raw wool used in their construction made these hats naturally waterproof. The bucket hat was also appealing to many because it can be folded to fit inside a pocket.

During the 40’s and through the Vietnam War, the U.S. Military began to issue these hats (dubbed Boonie hats) in olive cotton, tiger-stripe and ERDL patterns to troops to protect their necks from the sun. In the 60’s bucket hats transitioned from function to fashion and were sold in all kinds of fabrics and prints that captured the decade’s vibrant spirit. Despite the fashionable turn these hats took, the most iconic image of a bucket hat during this decade is that of Gilligan from “Gilligan’s Island. In the 80’s rappers like Big Bank Hank and LL Cool J adopted these hats and wore them prominently on album covers and in music videos.

Most recently, bucket hats have made an unexpected comeback. In Spring/Summer 2018 fashion shows by Chanel, Michael Kors, Fenty X Puma and more they were featured prominently on models. Valentino’s SS/19 runway show featured bucket hats in every color and print. Whether or not they were popular, Barbra’s love of a bucket hat has remained steady throughout the years and are an iconic part of her style. The hat pictured sold at auction in 2009 for $375.00. Though Hat Attack no longer sells this exact hat, you can #shopherstyle and find very similar bucket hats on their site ranging from $45-55.00.