Chanel Sandals At Madison Square Garden 2019

Barbra Streisand changed out of her heels and into Chanel flats at her August 3, 2019 Madison Square Garden shows, joking that they were “$800.00 flip flops.” She also kept this pair handy onstage in Chicago, but did not wear them- opting to keep her mid-calf boots on instead. 

These black lambskin slip on mule sandals feature a thick midsole and lambskin leathers uppers with Chanel’s trademark quilting. A small flap with Chanel’s silver interlocking CC logo is placed on each side. The platform of these shoes is 1”.  This style are often dubbed “sun deck” and “pool slides”. 

Slides are traced back to ancient Rome, but are often thought to come from as far back ad ancient Egypt and Greece. They cane be high heeled, flat-heeled or anything in between. The term is reflective of how the shoe is put on, in that they “slide” easily onto the foot. The popularity of slides in the USA began in the late 1960’s when many women were wearing colorful, floral versions. One of the most famous versions of this shoe were the sporty Adidas Adilette pool slide. Today, many high end fashion designers include slides in their collections in many materials and embellishments. This is a versatile shoe which allows both activity and comfort.