In antique lace in the 2020 Netflix documentary “David Foster: Off the Record”

Barbra Streisand appears in the 2020 Netflix documentary David Foster: Off The Record in an interview where she recalls her experiences working with the legendary producer. Over the course of his career Foster has won 16 Grammys and sold 500 million albums. He first came into contact with Barbra in the 1970’s as a keyboardist during her recording session, and would go on to collaborate to create the unique and ethereal sound heard on 1985’s The Broadway Album. Toward the end of the documentary Barbra says “We’re very funny together I would say. But I put up with him because, as he frequently reminds me, he’s so brilliant. And you know what? He is.” 

Photo by Snap/Shutterstock (390879kn) ‘BROADWAY ALBUM – RECORDING’ Barbra Streisand and David Foster 1985

For her interview, Barbra wore a cozy loose fitting black sweater paired with an antique Victorian Point de Gaze lace collar. This gorgeous piece features scrolling flora appliqués on fine net with scalloped edges. Barbra secured this with that looks like a petit antique ring.

Point de Gaze is a needle lace from Belgium which was produced using cotton or linen threads from early to mid 1800’s through the 1930’s. Barbra has been collecting antique lace pieces since the 1960’s and has often worn various lace collars incorporated into her outfits. In her 2010 book My Passion For Design Barbra talks about her love for lace collars saying “I still love lace collars and things. If I have to get dressed up, I’ll often wear some of my vintage pieces with a new suit or dress, as I did for the 2010 Oscars ceremony. I had some antique lace scarves turned into a blouse and wore it with a black jacket and long slit skirt.”

Another notable moment in which Barbra wore an antique lace collar was on the cover of The Broadway Album and in the Somewhere music video. Since a portion of her Off the Record interview is about this album, there is no doubt her choice of accessory was a nod to that look.

Resting atop the lace collar is a custom made, Victorian inspired gold cameo style necklace which features a photo of Barbra’s beloved Sammie who died in May 2017. This is strung on a simple black ribbon.

With this look, Barbra ties a modern and Victorian aesthetic together seamlessly which she has always been great at. 

Celine Dion, David Foster and Barbra Streisand. Foster, who produced Dion’s first English album brought the duo together for 1997’s Grammy award winning “Tell Him” duet.

Barbra’s Off the Record interview segment begins around 16:20 into the film. She and Foster speak about their work together in interview clips that are edited simultaneously which are transcribed below. Foster noted that he was pleased that he and Streisand remembered their first meeting the same way.

A clip from the documentary

Excerpt from David Foster: Off the Record

BARBRA: I first met David at a recording session in the 70’s. 

DAVID: I was barely a studio musician. I was one of two or three piano players. I remember walking in the studio. She had diamonds by the yard wrapped around her arm. She has the most beautiful hands. She’s a very elegant and beautiful woman. I just remember she kind of floated in the studio. We were playing along and in the middle of it she goes, “STOP! It’s not right. It’s not working for me. Stop.”

BARRBA: And I was singing a song but it didn’t have the right opening. Something was wrong about it. 

DAVID: She said, let’s take a lunch break. Me being the opportunist that I am, I was in the corner on the electric piano, way in the corner, hoping that the mic was on cause she was having her lunch in the control room. 

BARBRA: And then I heard someone playing a figure on a piano. 

DAVID: And literally like out of the movies, she walks through the door and she goes “Marty!” (to her manager) “Listen to this.”

BARBRA: And I said “Was that you playing that on the piano? I like that. I like that.”

DAVID: It worked. 

BARBRA: “Let’s do it the way this guy was playing it.” 

DAVID: “We’re gonna do it like that.”

BARBRA: And it happened to be David Foster. 

DAVID: And if you listen to the record today, it’s her and I. So then ten years later, Barbra’s doing a Broadway album. And there’s a song called “Somewhere.” And she’d like you to produce it. And I went “dude i’m in!” Barbra said to me, “David, I want this record to sound like it was not created on this planet. But I don’t want you to use any orchestra. I only want you to use synthesizers.”

BARBRA: David and I have been through a lot together. We’re on the same wave length. We agree far more than we disagree.

DAVID: So it took one month and we finished the mix. In all honesty, I killed it. So I called her up and I said “It’s finished.” and she said “I want to hear it tonight!” So I said “Well ok, i’ll drive out and play it for you.”  I drove out to her Malibu place. She was having a party. I knock on the door, and the door opens-it was Elizabeth Taylor and Clint Eastwood. and Elizabeth said to me “Hello, can I help you?” I was like “you’re Elizabeth Taylor” She said “well yes that’s quite right.” You know, I don’t know what the hell I said, but it was a Hollywood party. It was like everywhere you turned there was Dustin Hoffman and this one and that one. And then Barbra comes out and she goes “oh, you’re here to play me the mix! oh, this is great!” And she leaned back like this in her evening gown and she went “I love it. I love it.” And she loved it. 

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