The Barbra Streisand 2020 fashion recap

Even during a pandemic, Barbra still managed to serve us some memorable, socially distanced fashion looks. Here are some highlights from this past year.

In April Barbra’s son-in-law Josh Brolin posted a photo of the family by the pool having a safe, socially distanced pandemic visit. Barbra looked comfy and casual in her matching all-white look which featured a lightweight sundress. She paired this with with a long sleeved outer layer knotted at the waist and her signature bucket hat. This look was completed with the most important accessory of 2020; a face mask. 

We can always count on Barbra to speak out on what is right. On July 26, Barbra appeared on Joe Biden’s “Celebration for Change” virtual event which raised over $750,000 for his campaign for President. She delivered an eight minute speech noting “No one should die with a knee on their neck. Systemic racism has to be uprooted. People need to be heard, valued and cared for.” and that America “can’t survive four more years” under Trump’s presidency. Here we see Barbra’s ensemble perfectly coordinated with the room around her. She wears a burgundy scoop neck top under a chic black blazer with a beautiful statement necklace. This appears to be made from garnets and has very similar elements to necklaces from the Edwardian period. Her hair and makeup exuded a simple perfection. 

Barbra loaned her song Enough is Enough to the Vote Proud video by Meidas Touch which was released on August 10, 2020. This organization is dedicated to increasing voter turnout in the LGBTQ+ community. The end of the video features a very brief clip of Barbra in her burgundy room wearing a beige scoop neck top under a burgundy blazer with surgeon cuffs. Her garnet antique necklace makes another appearance here. This look embodies Barbra’s current signature style and was color coordinated to perfection with the couch cushions. 

This quirky look appeared in Barbra’s T Magazine spread on November 30th, 2020. Here we see a black lace shift dress by B & S Studio combined with a tuxedo jacket and vintage hat with a birdcage veil. This was quite a bit different from the conservative outfits we have seen Barbra wear lately and showed that she still loves to have fun with fashion. 

Barbra made an eloquent and powerful speech during her virtual appearance on the ACLU SoCal Bill of Rights Awards Gala on October 4, 2020. Here she opted for a simple black scoop neck blouse and jacket, with soft beach waves in her hair. The highlight of this look is the beautiful gold necklace which we have seen her wear very often. This antique piece features what looks like a cherub face with wings, with a simple freshwater pearl drop. This looks extremely similar to René Lalique designs and popular styles of the Victorian period. Layered with this piece was a dainty tin cup gold and pearl necklace.

I thought this photo was from October was so much fun because it shows Barbra just being relaxed and having a great time playing with her dogs at home. She still manages to look great in her casual black lounge wear with a pop of silly poodle slippers from 

These absolutely exquisite photos by Collier Schorr appeared in the November 30 edition of T Magazine. Barbra looked glowing in a black Valentino jacket and sweater by Hanro. The cover photo also gives us a glimpse of a beautifully detailed gold ring which features a “B”. I love how natural and comfortable these photos feel, especially the profile shot with her hair slightly out of place. The vibrant deep teal background really gives these portraits extra life. 

In a new interview recorded this year for the Criterion Channel Barbra talks about her experience as a director of three films. This look featured a simple lightweight black turtleneck with a black vest layered over. Barbra wears a stunning antique necklace that appears to be from the Art Nouveau period and her hair in loose waves. I love the understated elegance of this ensemble. 

This gorgeous embroidered floral look appeared in the November 30th T Magazine story and is my absolute favorite of the year. For me, this look contained a little splash of each of the eras in which Barbra has been a style icon. This embroidered jacket and wide brim hat come from Barbra’s personal collection. The fur cuffs make the jacket feel especially glamorous, and the colors in the look reflect those of her surrounding garden flowers perfectly.

©Collier Schorr