The Guilt Trip, Marty Magic Frog Necklace

Barbra Streisand wears this 14K gold tree frog pendant by Marty Magic as in “The Guilt Trip” (2012).  Regarding the piece, Marty Magic states “I received a call recently from a costume consultant in Los Angeles for a movie that will be filmed this year starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. They were interested in all of my Frog Jewelry designs and for several weeks, my frogs were “hopping” back and forth between Santa Cruz and L.A. They ultimately choose my Tree Frog Pendant as the “Hero” piece that Barbra will wear throughout the movie.” Marty also notes that the costume designers purchased two copies of the frog in 14K gold so that Barbra and her double would have one to wear. Additionally several were purchased in sterling silver in case a gold one went missing and a quick replacement was needed. 
Marty Magic has been making fantasy inspired jewelry for over 40 years. She grew up in California and began making jewelry in high school. She graduated from University Of Redlands where she studied sculpting and jewelry making. Her pieces are one of a kind, and hand made using a wax casting process. Marty says “I have a passion for what I do. I love the creative process, watching my pieces take form.”  

Shop her style: Get the frog pendant in 14k Gold ($645.00) or sterling silver ($50.00) at Marty’s official website.