The Mirror Has Two Faces Pink Sweater, Turtleneck And Floral Skirt

Barbra Streisand wore this look in a brief shopping scene in “The Mirror Has Two Faces.” (1996 ) This was the third film that Barbra directed. Costumes for the film were designed by Theoni V. Aldredge. This look combined three pieces of signature 90’s style including a pink embroidered seed stitch cardigan sweater, a burgundy cotton turtleneck & a matching rushed, elastic waist, floral midi skirt by “Chaus”. In the 90’s no wardrobe was complete without a range of floral options & turtlenecks. Though the turtleneck is most associated with the 90’s, it’s origins date all the way back to medieval times. It was invented to protect knights from chafing their necks when wearing chainmail armor during battle. During the 16th century turtlenecks became far more fashionable & were called “ruffs”.  This style was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth & society members. The size and volume of their ruffs were indicative of social status. In the 1800’s the turtleneck took on many forms and became a favorite among the working class. English polo players incorporated them into sportswear, calling them “polo necks”.  In the early 1900’s, high ruffled necks were the key to the Gibson girl look.  By the 20’s not many people were wearing turtlenecks anymore, but Noel Coward was so fond of wearing them that he is credited for keeping the look alive among middle class.  In the 40’s and 50’s, celebrities like Jayne Mansfield & Audrey Hepburn popularized a new skintight, sexy version of the style. The all black turtleneck became an essential part of the beatnik look. By the 70’s with Gloria Steinhem leading the women’s equality movement , the turtleneck became the unspoken uniform of intelligent feminists.  By the 90’s the turtleneck erupted as a massive trend piece, essential to any wardrobe. They were sold widely at stores like The Gap and often paired with mom jeans, under sweaters and sweatshirts. The popularity of turtlenecks fizzled out by the 2000’s , but remains a timeless classic look.