The Prince of Tides and 2006 tour gold bib necklace

Barbra wore this gold statement necklace in both in “The Prince of Tides” (1991) and during her 2006 tour, paired with her custom gold and black Donna Karan gown. Images of Barbra in this necklace were featured on the DVD cover art for the show, as well as on the tour poster and promotional materials for 2013’s “Back To Brooklyn” tour. This striking bib necklace comes from Barbra’s personal collection. It features five rows comprised of over one hundred elongated dangling gold pieces, strung from a solid row of triangular beads which create a dazzling waterfall effect. The necklace is so timeless that it can transition from decade to decade and still not feel out of place.

Variations of the bib style have been found in seventh-century Greek and Roman jewelry. This ancient style has been revived periodically throughout history to accompany low-cut evening gowns. Modern terminology classifies this as a type of “statement” necklace. Variations of bib necklaces include the fringe necklace or waterfall necklace.