The Way We Were Wig

Barbra Streisand wore this hand tied, human hair, lace front wig in “The Way We Were (1973.) Kaye Pownall created this wig and was the key hairstylist for this film. She first worked as Barbra’s hair stylist for “Up The Sandbox” and would go on to do her hair for a total of eight films. Barbra wore this short, loose wave wig in scenes as Katie Morosky as a college student. It is parted to the right, leaving Barbra’s favorite left side profile open to the camera. In the decade these scenes were set, women’s hair was generally between just below shoulder length or shorter. Hair was cut with a rounded U-shape at the back, curving up towards the ears, and most haircuts had lots of layers as they were needed to create the styles. This wig also features a lace front. Lace wigs are used for almost all film, stage and TV productions. With a lace front wig, a sheer piece of lace surrounds the edges of the wig and pulls over the forehead and sides to provide a realistic, seamless hairline. This gives the illusion that hair growing out of the head. The process of hand tying/knotting a wig takes many hours and is known as ventilating. This wig sold at auction in 2004 for $630.00 USD.