Wedgwood Tea Set From John Kerry And Friends Concert

Barbra Streisand used this Wedgwood tea set onstage at Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, on June 24th, 2004. As a part of the fundraising event titled “An Evening With John Kerry & Friends”, Barbra performed five songs including a duet of You Don’t Bring Me Flowers with Neil Diamond. 

Barbra’s silver lined teacup comes from the Wedgwood Signet Platinum Collection, and the teapot is from the Wedgwood Sterling line. Both pieces are made from white fine bone china with 51-percent bone ash for pure whiteness and long-lasting strength. They are accented with shiny platinum bands on the mouth, lid, handles and foot. 

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Wedgewood was founded on May 1, 1759 by English potter and entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood. in 1765 he created a new form of creamware which impresses the British Queen consort so much that she gave him permission to call it “Queen’s Ware.” This sold like wildfire throughout Europe. Wedgewood’s best known product is Jasperware, which was created to look like antique cameo glass. It was inspired by the Roman Portland vase. Josiah’s sons succeeded him in the business and introduced the production of bone china in 1812. Though not a commercial success at first, it eventually became an intrigue part of the companies business. Wedgewood remained a family business until 1968. in 1986 Waterford Glass Group purchased the company for $360 million (renames Waterford Wedgwood plc). Today, you can find many original Wedgewood pieces on display at The Wedgewood Museum in Barlaston, England. Their pieces have stood the test of time and remain a popular dinnerware must have, due to their timeless and classic quality. This set, including the silver plated vase used onstage sold at auction in 2009 for $2,000 USD.