“What’s Up Doc”, Armand Of Beverly Hills Newsboy Hat

Barbra Streisand wore this Armand Of Beverly Hills, custom made newsboy hat in “What’s Up Doc?” (1972). Photos of Barbra wearing this hat were heavily seen in promotional materials for the film, and were used as the film’s key art. Armand Of Beverly Hills was a popular millinery designer for decades. His hats are still heavily sought out in the vintage market due to their detail and craftsmanship. This wool blend tweed cap features a lining inside the brim of ribbon and lace. After the release of this film, popularity of this hat style soared.

Originally a flat cap, the baker boy-aka newsboy-originated in Britain & Italy and is a trend taken from the lower working class style of the 20’s. 
Costume and production design on this film was done by Polly Platt (1939-2011), who was the wife of director Peter Bogdanovich. Polly was the first woman ever admitted to the Art Directors Guild, and earned credits as a costume designer, production designer, producer and screenwriter. She met Peter while working as a costume designer in NY Summer stock. Together they produced films including Paper Moon and The Last Picture Show. Platt would also go on to work as a production designer on “A Star Is Born (1976). This famous cap sold at auction in 2004 for $8,000.00 USD, which was seven times more than the original estimate.