Streisand Style Files

Curated by Fashion Historian Renée Nicole Gray

Meet The Fockers in Zandra Rhodes

Barbra Streisand wore this vibrant Zandra Rhodes, hippy-sheek dress as she portrayed Rozalin Focker in “Meet The Fockers” (2004). This was the first time in twenty-four years that Barbra acted in a film she did not direct or produce. She was however, very involved with selecting her own costumes under the guidance of costume designer Carol Ramsey. 

Zandra Rhodes is a British designer famous for her use of bold and unique patterns. She made her biggest splash in 1977 with the establishment take on punk, which she called Conceptual Chic. She created dresses with holes and beaded safety pins 10 years before Versace, to form a sort of embroidery, mixed with loosely drawn figures screen-printed on silk jersey, or on the newly developed Ultrasuede fabric. Rhodes is the founder of the Fashion And Textile Museum in London. This look featured a flowing fushia gown, with a matching colorful screen printed, “torn shell” silk chiffon overlay with a hand rolled hem. Accessorizing the dress is an embellished silk Christiana handbag, and a Carnelian & turquoise necklace, ring and bracelets. In antiquity, as well as today, the Carnelian stone is believed to help timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. This complete look sold at auction in 2004 for $3,500 USD.